About us

We offer a service with a wide variety of raw materials for different industries. Our goal is to analyze the production chain and offer the best solution in case of different types of bulk goods, controlled temperature, liquids, palletizing, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile industry … and design the entire supply chain establishing quantities, costs, guaranteeing quality and compliance with the agreed delivery period from the countries of origin to the establishments of our clients in a cost-effective, reliable and efficient way

Multimodal transport

-Standard container 20 and 40 ft
-Dry container 20 and 40 ft
-Refrigerated container 20 and 40 ft
-Tank container

International logistics

We connect borders with personalized logistics services

Personalized service

We are specialists in offering a unique solution for each client

About us

We are committed to environment-friendly logistics, we design international transport with the aim of reducing environmental impact, we hire maritime and rail transport services for long distances with a low level of CO2 emissions and reduce the impact of polluting emissions in order to find an economic and ecological balance

We take care of our clients in a personalized way to be able to offer our services with the best guarantee.

Our services

International Trade

We offer a unique service that requires a supply chain to connect your company with global markets

International logistics and transportation

We adapt logistics to the characteristics of each type of merchandise at a global level


We process any customs clearance service from any point of importation and exportation.